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Wie stellen Serviceunternehmen für Prototyp-Leiterplatten Prototypen-Leiterplatten her?


What is a prototype pcb?

A prototype of a printed circuit board is its technological model. Prototype pcb service companies create it as a result of design and construction. But it has not yet been put into mass production.

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Further testing and examination of the prototype allows developers to identify and eliminate:

  • Inaccuracies
  • design errors
  • defects in the created printed circuit board

Having tested the prototype, the customer can check how functional and efficient the newly designed printed circuit board is? How it meets certain technological requirements.

The direct prototype pcb service of the future series of pcbs, can correlate with it by focusing on accuracy.

How can prototype pcb service minimize mistakes in pcb?

It is almost impossible to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies in the PCB design process. This is why starting mass production without testing a prototype is likely to result in a large number of defective items. As a result, the project as a whole will receive a significant but senseless rise in price. Its implementation will stretch over time.

The production base of prototype pcb service allows to design and provide various types of PCB prototypes.

Design and manufacture of PCB prototypes

Parameter / characteristic name Production possibilities / limitations
Number of layers up to 40
Materials used FR-4
Maximum board size: one / two-sided multilayer
428×283 mm 413×273 mm
Minimum conductor width / minimum clearance 0.2 mm
Minimum diameter of plated holes: 0.4 mm (6: 1)
Fur. treatment: · milling;

· drill slot


Advantages of hiring a good prototype pcb service company

Professional prototype pcb service offers urgent production of prototypes of printed circuit boards. It enables the customers to receive ready-made samples in the shortest possible time.


These pcb manufacturers have an extensive experience in the field. It is possible to make a prototype of a printed circuit board in a good company in a very short time. Despite the short lead time, the quality of products does not differ from the quality of serially produced printed circuit boards.

Contacting the prototyping company allows the client to significantly save on the final cost of production and subsequent installation. After all, the manufacture and installation of printed circuit boards takes place on a:

  • single technological site
  • with a single
  • well-established quality control system

In addition, this is a definitive opportunity. And, it is not a little important, to test the product in a short time before starting mass production. This is the best thing about prototype pcb. You can look forward to it for rapid prototype pcb. 

The customer no longer needs to control a lot of work transferred to several narrowly focused companies. By contacting pcb prototype manufacturer, the customer can count on a comprehensive solution to carry out quickly, efficiently and consistently. In the process of making board prototypes, the best

Prototyping – prototype pcb service capabilities

prototype pcb service remains ready to produce a significant amount of products in the shortest possible time. The available capacities and technological capabilities of the enterprise allow it to produce printed circuit boards of medium and large industrial series.

All its production is equipped with modern and high-tech equipment. It gives it the opportunity to carry out an urgent order and do it very efficiently. In addition, serial production of Leiterplattenprototypen zur  is possible not in China, but all over the world. Moreover, it is another opportunity for our customers to significantly save money.

Production of prototypes with prototype pcb service

After designing a printed circuit board, before launching its production into a series, it is necessary to check how well the project is completed. You can easily hire any best prototype pcb service company for this projects.

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In this case, it is necessary to put into production a prototype of the printed circuit board.

The value of this step is to save time and resources. It allows you to check and identify all design flaws on small series of printed circuit boards.

The prototype is manufactured using the:

  • same technology
  • using the same equipment

It will continue to produce a series in compliance with all strict quality requirements.

In the shortest possible time, you will be able to identify the flaws of the project on real products and correct them.

Until recently, prototyping printed circuit boards were not possible without a soldering iron. Or they could be ordered from a third party. Today, prototype pcb service have become so skilled that it is enough for them to have an ordinary iron.

Wie stellen Serviceunternehmen für Prototyp-Leiterplatten Prototypen-Leiterplatten her?

As you can see, there is little pleasant in this process, both from an aesthetic and technological point of view. That is why we decided to share an alternative method for making PCB prototypes using a 3D printer. Therefore, a homemade engraving machine is suitable for work.

For those who still did not know: you can install a diode laser on almost any 3D printer. There is no need to use an extruder or as an additional attachment. Small and compact diode lasers have a fairly low power compared to carbon dioxide lasers, but in this case it’s even good.

How to make a prototype PCB on a 3D printer?

So how does prototype pcb service make a prototype PCB on a 3D printer at home or in the office on your own?

First of all, you will need a copper-bonded fiberglass. Similarly, you need a dark PVC film. In addition, we can use an iron chloride and a diode laser mounted on 3D -Printer. The laser power does not really matter, but we still recommend choosing a laser with a power of at least 2 W.

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