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Was ist PCB ODM?


What You Need to Know About PCB ODM

In the electronic manufacturing world, manufacturers have realized that they need to get into specialized niches so that they are able to survive and grow in a highly competitive and demanding market scene. These niches are also useful to the customers because they would be in a position to choose the right fit that is related to their specific requirements and needs.

However, there are a few things that must be considered when, as a customer, you are planning to choose an outsourcing relationships. Everything may not be in black and white and this applies all the more to PCB prototypes and other electronic devices. While the growth of the electronic industry has been exponential, it also is coming with its own set of challenges.

Today the same electronic product or model is used across the globe. While this uniformity is indeed welcome, when it comes to manufacturing it at different centers there could be some challenges. This is where the role of PCB ODM comes into play. ODM actually stands for Original Design Manufacturer. We will look at the ways in which the role of Original Design Manufacturers are becoming important when it comes to PCB prototypes and also for mass manufacturing of the same.


What is Special About ODM?

Large sized multinational companies that are into various types of electronic and other items, need PCB prototypes by the millions. It would be simply not possible for them to manufacture the entire requirement on their own. Hence, they will have to outsource the same and look for authorized, experienced and capable ODMs. These ODMs are usually in charge of the entire research and development and they also have the experience and expertise to sell their PCB directly on their own.

However, most of them have some manufacturing licensing agreements with their principal manufacturers for making PCBs for their electronic and other items depending on the type of end use products. These ODM PCB makers are also given special license to sell the product on their own. They are given special white label permission which actually means that the PCB may be sold in various other names than the one that has been reserved for the main manufacturers.

Buyers are also happy going in for these ODMs because of a number of reasons. First and foremost they have a proven track record and the right experience for the specific type or types of ODM PCBs. Further, the buyers may not be on the lookout for complete and totally customized product. These ODM manufacturers offer them finished products that are ready to be used by the buyers other than the main manufacturers who hold the license for these PCBs. However, when it comes to selling these white labelled products, the ODMs owns the rights to it. The reason for this is quite simple. Since the ODM has designed the prototype and then manufactures the PCBs in big quantities, the firm of course has to the right to own the design, and other such attributes.


Moving away from PCBs let us look at a few examples of ODM. When you buy mobile phones you also need chargers and cases. These are generally not manufactured by the original phone manufacturers and the ODMs are given the contract for making them. The ODMs also earn the right of marketing these chargers and cases directly to the customers based on specific orders received from them.

Advantages of Making Use of ODM for PCBs

There are obviously some advantage when you choose ODM for PCBs. As well all know, PCB or printed circuit board has a large number of active and passive components. The components are connected one over the other with the help of traces on the board. The ODM PCB makers are capable of designing, developing and manufacturing large circuits using some of the most advanced technologies. They can do so on small sized printed circuit boards and the electronic components that are wedded together are quite small in size, but powerful at the same time. We are happy to share some of the main reasons why it may make sense to go in for ODM for all your requirements of PCBs

Exact Size, Specifications and Other Attributes

A typical PCB will certainly have a number of electrical components. When it comes to connecting these components on a circuit board, we need to understand that the whole process of interconnecting the various components through minute copper track instead of wires is tough. This is where experience and expertise comes into play and ODM PCB manufacturers will be able to offer the right circuit boards matching the exact specifications, size, performance and other such vital and important attributes.


Repairing & Diagnostics is Easy and Process Driven

There are expensive circuit boards and many of them could run into hundreds of dollars. When these get damaged or when they are not working properly, taking the help of PCB ODM manufacturers will always be a much better way forward. They will be able to easily diagnose and identify the problem. The repairing process will also be quite easy because the diagrams and designs are approved and identifying the problem areas should not be much of a problem.

End Users Will Save Time

The end users cannot afford to wait for long time when it comes to getting new PCBs or getting replacements for the same. While they are free to approach the market for and perhaps even buy unbranded PCBs, the quality credentials will be in question. These small time suppliers may not be able to honor the time bound commitments that they make to their clients. However, this is not the case with PCB ODM manufacturers who have an excellent track record when it comes to meeting demanding and tough deadlines.

Low Cost & Reliability

The PCB ODM manufacturers do not manufacture a few printed circuit boards. In most cases they cater to their principals and they offer their white label end products by the hundreds and thousands. This helps them to bring down the costs significantly and of course without compromising on quality under any circumstances.

The Final Word

When we take into account the various factors mentioned above and look at things from the right perspective, it is quite obvious that it makes lot of sense to buy PCB from the right ODMs or Original Design Manufacturers. They have the best of technology and the blueprints for the OCB designs are approved by their principals and therefore there is no way the quality can be compromised under any circumstance. The price will be lower, the guarantee and warranty terms and conditions will be transparent and on the whole you can be sure that you will be able to get the best value for money.

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