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PCB-Herstellung und SMT-Verarbeitung


PCB-Herstellung und SMT-Verarbeitung

Miracle Technology Multilayer Circuit (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., as one of the PCB circuit board and PCBA manufacturers in China, has been providing high-quality PCB circuits and PCBA sample and mass production manufacturing services to the global market at reasonable prices. In order to provide customers with more professional and advanced PCB circuit boards and high-reliability PCBA products, we are committed to implementing strict standards throughout the entire process of PCB circuit board manufacturing and SMT surface mounting. We focus on PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT surface mount, PCBA semi-finished products, IC programming and PCBA functional testing, because of focus! So we are professional!
PCB manufacturing

Fast PCB circuit board manufacturing

Miracle Technology multilayer circuit provides PCB circuit board expedited service, which can provide 24-72 hours expedited (limited to 4 layers or less) PCB manufacturing. We use FR4 (glass fiber), Al (aluminum based), PI (polyimide) and low DK / Df materials to make rigid, flexible, rigid-flex bonded and HDI (high-density interconnect) printed circuit boards. Different from other PCB suppliers in China. Miracle Technology multilayer circuit products include conventional Fr4 circuit boards, HDI (High Density Interconnect) circuit boards, Flex (flexible) circuit boards and high frequency PCBs. We can achieve 30 layers of multilayer circuit board samples and 16 layers in mass production. HDI circuit boards can meet different design requirements of customers through blind hole, buried hole, blind buried cross, impedance control, and plated hole filling. Samples of HDI circuit boards can be interconnected at any layer and mass-produced in 3 stages. In addition, we can produce thick copper, carbon oil, crimping holes, countersunk holes, metal edging, plate holes, mixed pressure, etc. Circuit board to meet the needs of different customers. The company has passed IS09001-2000, UL, SGS, IS09001-2008, ISO14001-2004, CQC, TS / 16949, GJB9001C-2017 and other system certifications. Products are widely used in communication equipment, computers, smart homes, automotive electronics, industrial control, power electronics, medical instruments, security, aerospace and other high-tech fields, more than 60% of products are exported to Europe, the Americas, Japan, Asia Pacific and other regions.

Fast SMT chip processing

Miracle Technology multilayer circuits provide one-stop PCBA manufacturing from PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT surface mount, and DIP assembly. We have 2 shifts per day, 4 high-precision Fuji NXT SMT production lines. Three BOM list engineers support quick quotes, and eight SMT machine engineers analyze new orders. We can provide 1-500 sets of fast PCB production and fast SMT surface mount services. All production steps of PCBA are completed in the SMT clean room. The products implement IPC-2 and IPC-3 standards. All processes use only RoHS (lead-free) materials. The components are all original and brand new. According to customer needs, they are purchased from Digikey, Mouser, TI, ST, ST, Atmel, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. And the price also has advantages.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
We have many years of experience in the SMT industry. Miracle Technology multilayer circuits can complete BGA, micro BGA, QFN and small components.

No matter whether it is 0402 or 0201, we can reduce the cost pressure for customers on the premise of ensuring quality.


Our plug-in wires can fulfill PCB requirements of different specifications. The maximum PCB size is 550 x 450 mm. Plug-in efficiency is

15,000 pieces per hour with a yield of over 99%.

Quick Quote Service

BOM costing and SMT quotation: completed within 0.5-2 days

PCB circuit board quote: completed in 2 hours

Among the many PCB and SMT suppliers, the comprehensive balance of quality, value and cost is the customer’s choice. Miracle Technology multilayer circuits will provide customers with the best price at a reasonable price, advanced equipment and professional engineers Manufacturing solutions to meet customers’ demand for PCBs and PCBA at low prices.

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