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Ein Überblick über das ODM der LED-Leiterplatte


ODM-Anleitung für LED-Leiterplatten

The electronic industry has galloped towards new innovation and advancement in leaps and bounds. The advent of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has revolutionized the electronic world with its ability to connect various complex electrical circuitries. These components are so much in demand that many local factories have cropped up to fulfill the PCB needs of various companies. PCBs require designing finesse to create conductive layers among the non-conductive bases. Nowadays, various types of PCBs are created through 3D printing and computer-aided design. With each passing day, the world of electronics is seeing innovative developments to add more components to a single PCB and make it more efficient. This has opened a lot of possibilities for the original design manufacturers (ODM) to produce various components and supply to different electronics companies worldwide. This article will shed valuable insights on the advent of LED PCB Board ODM.

What is an Led PCB?

Light Emitting Diodes, as the name suggests, are electroluminescent components that help in producing light without utilizing much energy. This occurs due to a series of reactions by different charge carriers. The charge carriers react with each other in specific energy bands to generate light.

LED products have always been a hit. They are being fitted into various households, thanks to their low power consumption which results in a lower amount in the electricity bills. The functionality of LED makes it conducive to be set on printed circuit boards that become a part of various appliances. The LED PCB functioning shows high efficiency due to its low consumption of energy while emitting light having good luminosity.


Here are 2 ways through which LED PCB designing is generally done by original design manufacturers:

  • Single point surface mounted LED

In this type of design, you need to perforate the graphic layers to set up the LEDs on the substrate which is at the lowest layer of the circuit. The usage of perforated graphic layers allows the termination of conductivity from the same connectors. In case you do not want to perforate the graphic layers, you need to make arrangements for terminating through a separate connector. With this type of PCB mounted LEDs, you can experiment with wide-ranging colors.

  • Block LEDs

These types of single point LEDs are highly convenient for use on any type of substrate or layers. It works better on course layers that aid in better light diffusion.

Why PCB LEDs Are Beneficial and Are Manufactured in Large Numbers by ODMs?

This segment will shed some light on the benefits of PCB LED and why original design manufacturers are in demand for supplying them in bulk. The PCBs are shrinking in size and more features are getting added on the multilayered complex circuits. LEDs have turned out to be suitable components that can be easily mounted on the ever-shrinking PCBs, which are to be used in various appliances.


Advantages of PCB LED:

  • It is best suited for a household environment where low lighting is required that can subsequently reduce the electricity bills.
  • It can be used in different membrane switches like copper flex, silver flex, PCB, to name a few.
  • PCBs are increasingly becoming multilayered where the component density becomes very high. LEDs are easy to mount on multilayered interfaces that help in increasing the features of the circuit board.
  • LED PCBs operate on lesser power and voltage. This makes them ideal to be used in various electronic gadgets like laptops, mobiles, medical devices, to name a few.
  • They are dust-proof and are not affected by the presence of moisture.
  • They can be constructed at an affordable cost with wide-ranging colors, features, and luminous intensities.

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

This article has been talking about the role of ODMs in manufacturing various LED PCBs. There is also an underlying confusion about the utility of OEM and ODM and the role they play in producing electronic goods. This segment will clear your queries about LED PCB Board ODM.

Original Design Manufacturer, commonly known as ODM, aids in manufacturing comprehensively designed products that get the brand name of the purchasing clients. They are mainly known for delivering completed or pre-designed goods. One of the features of ODMs is they retain the intellectual property rights of the product creations.

So in case, they construct a complex circuit of PCB embedded with LED that would be used in a refrigerator prototype, the intellectual property of the design and idea will remain with the concerned ODM. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are known for producing individual components that are merchandized and branded by other companies.


Why is There a Need for Odm to Manufacture LED PCB?

Now that the definition and the features of ODM have been established, a question might arise in your mind.

Why do big companies need ODMs to manufacture their parts and products?

You know that the electronic giants have the resource, intelligence, and capital to produce their own parts and products. Then why is it that these companies rely on original design manufactures to mass-produce the required circuits like LED PCB. The answer lies in 2 things: innovation prowess and manufacturing capability.

Most of the big companies especially in the smartphone and consumer durable segment are increasing focusing on bringing about more innovations. A tweak in the design, adding another feature, making the outlook more stylish, these factors have taken up more importance in every electronics and electrical company.

Hence, these companies prefer to devote their time to innovation and research rather than in manufacturing their products. This is where ODM comes into the picture and aids these companies in supplying their requirements. Be it light-emitting diodes, or intricate circuits requiring tons of PCB membrane switches, these products are flawlessly manufactured in tons by the ODMs. The majority of the companies have shifted their core focus towards research and development. The parts and components might remain the same but the innovations might vary. So while the company is busy bringing out new development, ODM will manufacture the required pre-designed products in bulk.

LED PCBs have always been in demand because they are like the basic components that are required in every industry. Be it the automobile industry, aerospace, the solar industry, LED PCB will remain a crucial component for ODMs to mass produce for different companies. This article aims to give you a wholesome idea of LED PCB Board ODM.

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