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The importance and Impact of Double-Sided PCB – 2020


Double-Sided PCB and Its Application

Printed Circuit boards come in different types, such as Single-Layered Printed Board, Double-Sided PCB, and multi-layer PCB. These are basically three types of PCB, however, you can further categorize them into sub-categories such as Copper PCB, Aluminum PCB, Meta-Core PCB among others.

The focus of this article is going to one of the most popular categories of the Printed Circuit Boards: Double-Sided Printed Board. We will give a brief introduction, discuss its advantages along with applications. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Double-Sided PCB: All That You Need to Know

What is a Double Layered Printed Circuit Board?

A double-layered or a double-sided Printed board are basically an entryway to applications that require more complications and complexities in comparison to the single-sided PCBs. These boards consider the nearer directing follows by replacing between the base and the best layer using vias.

Today, manufacturers greatly rely on double-printed circuit boards for a number of there applications. After all, it the most mainstreams type of Printed Circuit Boards for business across the globe.

Double-Layered PCB Construction

Below, we have explained all the components of the double-layered Printed Circuit Board in detail.


Pad is the base of a Printed Board on which the manufacturers place a small amount of copper. It uses this copper layer for PCB component mounting and binding. Pads are responsible for providing the segments with mechanical help.


In Printed Circuit Boards, the parts are related to the leading material, in most cases, it is copper instead of the assistance of wires. Some part of the copper is used in order to associate all segments. They generally call this Follow.


In the case of Double-Sided PCB, the number of layers is limited to two. However, the client does have the facility to design a PCB having more than 2 layers. They name it as the Multilayer Printed Circuit Board. Thanks to technology, it is possible to create a Printed Circuit Board that has 10 to 12 layers.

Silk Layer

For any sort of workmanship on the Printed Circuit Board’s layer, the manufacturer uses the silk layer. It is effectively used for the printing line and for screen printing, manufacturers use epoxy ink. It is possible to use the silk payers as the base layer of the Printed Circuit Board. However, this greatly depends upon the client’s requirement – Silk Screen Bottom or Silk Screen Top.

Top and Bottom Layer of the PCB

Manufacturers mount all the components of the PCB onto the top layer of the board. Likewise, at the base layer, the segment fasting, and segment-leading takes place. In general, the top layer of the PCB is of green color.

However, you can enjoy other colors such as blue. The weld veil covers the potentially base layer of the top layer of the Printed Board.

Solder Mask

Mask is the extra layer onto the copper layer of the PCB. Solder mask is mostly in green color. However, you can have a different color for it as well. The objective of the layer is to ensure that there is no contact of the PCB’s conductive material with the pads.

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Double-Sided PCB: Different Types

There are different types of double-layered PCB available. Although their basic purpose remains the same, every type has its own advantages. Below, we have listed some

  1. Flex-Rigid PCB
  2. Aluminum Backed PCB
  3. Flexible PCB
  4. Multi-layer PCB

Advantages of Double-Sided Printed Board

Component Density

Unlike einseitige Leiterplatte, the double-layered PCB offers additional layer for creating tracks and placing components. The additional space allows the facility of extra connection, thus increasing the complexity and density of the Printed Circuit Board.

Enhance Heat Dissipation

In the case of Double-sided PCB, the heat dissipation process is highly effective mainly because of the additional copper layer. Manufacturers achieve this during the etching process as they remove only a small amount of copper required for the tracing purpose.

The leave the additional copper in place, thus offering increased heat dissipation mechanism.


PCB being an imperative part of modern technology, everyone is looking for a cost-effective PCB solution that offers more than the single-layered PCB functionality. Thankfully, we have a double-layered PCB. It offers more complexity, reliability, and efficiency whereas it goes light on the budget.

The mass production of Double layered Printed Board further reduces is cost. Thus, making it the prime choice for consumers electronics.

Reduce Board Size

Since there are two layers, thus you can easily place more components without increase the board size. This is perhaps another great advantage of the double-sided Printed Board.

Greater Signal Separation

With double-sided Printed Boards, the manufacturers are actually able to enjoy greater signal separation on both layers. The additional ground plane below signal traces makes it possible for the manufacturers to decrease the loop area that the signal generally tends to see.

In addition, this technique makes it possible to route ground returns directly from the components instead of using any other form of medium. The lack of noise and signal distortion increases the efficiency of the Printed Board. Thus, making it more effective and efficient for consumer applications.

Applications of Double-Sided PCB

There is no denying the popularity and effectiveness of a double-layer PCB. They are integrated into a number of applications. Below, we have listed their usage in different industries.

  1. Medical Devices
  2. Industrial Controls
  3. Converters
  4. Power Supplies
  5. Control Delays
  6. Regulators
  7. Instrumentation
  8. UPS Systems
  9. HVAC
  10. Power Conversion
  11. Hard Drives
  12. LED Lighting
  13. Printers
  14. Power Monitoring
  15. Phone Systems
  16. Automotive Dashboards
  17. Test Equipment
  18. Line Reactors
  19. Amplifiers
  20. Vending Machines
  21. Traffic SystemsDouble-Sided PCB manufacturers in China

To Sum it Up

Double-Sided PCB is the innovative PCB for modern consumer and compact applications. It offers greater density while lacking the design complexity of multilayer printed boards. We fully comprehend the importance of Double layered Printed Circuit Boards; therefore, we offer the finest and the high-quality two-layered PCBs.

Our vast experience allows us to great top-notch Printed Circuit Boards. Allow our designers and developers to manufacturer a Printed Board that would be a perfect fit for your application.

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