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200 PCB manufacturers in China! PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board. It is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a provider of electrical connections for electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a “printed” circuit board. FPC, namely flexible circuit board (flexible PCB), referred to as “soft board”,   also known as “flexible circuit board”,   also known as “flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board” or “flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board” In a broad sense, PCB includes FPC.
As the fastest growing sub-industry in PCB, the global FPC scale reached 11.346 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 4.1%, accounting for approximately 20.5% of the global PCB output value. At present, about one-third of enterprises engaged in FPC manufacturing in mainland China are foreign-invested enterprises, and their total output value accounts for more than 80% of the total output value of mainland FPC.
FPC can be divided into three levels: high, medium and low end:
High-end FPC, mainly represented by the Japanese factory Qisheng, mid-range FPC, mainly Taiwanese and Korean companies, Taiwan has Zhending, South Korea has Yongfeng Electronics, InterFlex and SI Flex, and low-end FPCs are mostly concentrated In mainland China, the production of high-precision FPC and rigid-flex board is still in its infancy. More than 200 PCB manufacturing companies, covering only five major regions including Shenzhen, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Jiangsu

Miraclepwb is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen dedicated to the production of high-precision single-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards and metal substrates. It has modern professional production equipment and testing equipment imported from Europe, America, Japan and Germany. Strictly operate in accordance with the management norms of the modern enterprise system, and set up a group of professional PCB production and manufacturing teams. Excellent quality comes from an excellent management team. I believe that our company can provide you with excellent, fast and personalized OEM/ODM value-added services.

The high-density circuit boards produced by the company are widely used in high-tech fields such as PC, communications, industrial control, consumer electronics, aerospace, biomedicine, etc. The company’s product quality refers to IPC standards, and has successively passed UL safety certification and ISO/TS16949 automotive industry quality management system. Products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

As an aspiring and strong sense of social responsibility, the company adheres to the business philosophy of “committed to becoming a high-quality service provider in the PCB industry”, and based on this philosophy, we are committed to continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, and we strive to create our customers’ product ideas together Make unremitting efforts!

company’s product:

Single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board, etc. The rapid production of prototypes and small batches; the price advantage and delivery time of multilayer boards; lead-free environmental protection technology: anti-oxidation treatment, immersion gold, tin, and silver. Special process: blind buried vias, etc.; the company produces rigid circuit boards and flexible circuit boards, which have the advantages of small size, light weight, and high technical content. They are widely used in mobile phones, computers, MP4, DVB, LCD TV, LED, IPTV, instrumentation , Household appliances, automobiles, electromechanical equipment and other high-tech electronic products.

Miraclepwb China PCB Factory Introduction

Miraclepwb has the world’s leading SMT automatic high-speed placement machine and high-precision testing equipment, complete reliability testing equipment, and supporting testing and assembly production lines. It has complete consumer electronics manufacturing management, quality control capabilities and strong technology Innovation ability

1. Jintuo AS-1000X-N
Jintuo nitrogen reflow soldering adopts ten-temperature zone heating cycle, and adjusts the furnace temperature curve according to different components, so that the PCB board is heated uniformly, and the pads and components are fully soldered; the independent nitrogen manufacturing machine fully supplies each reflow soldering to ensure that the PCB board can pass No pad oxidation occurs during furnace welding, and false welding and false welding are avoided to the maximum extent

2. NXT second-generation high-speed placement machine
The brand new second-generation Japanese Fuji NXT placement machine, dual-rail uninterrupted production, adopts advanced V12 head placement, suitable for small component placement, line configuration is 8 modules, and the largest chip size 500X610mm, the minimum size is 50X50mm.
3. XPF high-speed placement machine
General-purpose Japanese Fuji XPF-L multifunctional high-speed placement machine, the placement nozzle can be automatically switched, suitable for all current electronic component placement, 0402 resistors and other materials can be mounted with a rotating head, for large BGA and other electronic components The device can be mounted with a single nozzle, and the size range of the patch PCB board is 457X356mm.

4. AOI optical inspection
Through the perfect combination of high-brightness LED light sources (red, green, and blue), the detection rate of traditional inspection difficulties such as poor solder joints, reverse polarity, and character recognition is effectively improved. Operation control, image acquisition and image processing are parallel, Greatly shorten the working time. Stable and mature image algorithms ensure strong inspection capabilities
Unique advantages
High precision configuration
Rationalized automatic production line configuration and high-precision equipment configuration are conducive to ensuring the quality of produced products

Rationalization and production line
According to the type of customer’s product, selecting the appropriate production line for corresponding production is conducive to reducing production costs

Quality resources
Using the least personnel and optimized engineering design, it can respond to changes in the number of customer orders at any time

Efficient response
When dealing with customer complaints, it has a complete response mechanism and rapid processing capability

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