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لوحة دوائر مطبوعة مرنة


Miracle Technology هي شركة عالمية رائدة في تصنيع وتجميع لوحات الدوائر المطبوعة المرنة

توفر قدراتنا المرنة لتجميع لوحات الدوائر المطبوعة لعملائنا "حلًا شاملاً" مناسبًا لتلبية احتياجات التصنيع والتجميع الخاصة بـ FPC. تشمل قدراتنا المتقدمة:

  • تقنية تثبيت السطح (SMT)
  • تقنية هجينة عبر الفتحة (SMT وثقب)
  • تخطيطات طبقة واحدة أو مزدوجة
  • مكونات الملعب الصغيرة
  • مكونات على مستوى الوحدة

 المعرفة الأساسية بلوحات الدوائر المطبوعة المرنة: (FPC)

Flexible printed circuit boards are generally called FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit). Single-sided and double-sided flexible printed circuit boards are single-sided flexible printed circuit boards that use copper foil to be laminated on PET or PI substrates to form single-sided circuits. Double-sided flexible printed circuit board that uses PI as a substrate to form wiring on both sides of copper foil.

Features and advantages of FPC flexible circuits

Flexible circuits can be moved, bent, and twisted without damaging the wires, and can have different shapes and special package sizes. Because it can withstand millions of dynamic bends, flexible circuits are well-suited for use in continuous or periodic motion interconnect systems and become part of the functionality of the final product. Some products that require electrical signals / power movement and smaller form factors / package sizes benefit from flexible circuits.

Flexible circuits provide excellent electrical performance. Low dielectric constant allows fast transmission of electrical signals; good thermal properties make the component easy to cool; higher glass transition temperature or melting point makes the component operate well at higher temperatures.


لوحة دوائر مطبوعة مرنة
عدد الطبقات 4
سمك اللوح النهائي (مم) 0.2mm
دقيقة. قطر الثقب النهائي (مم) 0.15mm
دقيقة. عرض الخط / التباعد (مم) 0.07/0.1mm
المعالجة السطحية يوافق على
الميزة الرئيسية Impedance accuracy ±10%
تطبيق Camera


Flexible printed circuit board applications

The most important feature of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs) is their thinness and flexibility. In recent years, thin and light electronic devices such as notebook computers, mobile phones, printers, cameras, LCD TVs, automotive dashboards, and automobiles have been required. Audio, optical disc drives, hard drives, pacemakers, medical equipment, video cameras, hearing aids, etc. all have flexible printed circuit board applications.

Material introduction:

First, flexible copper clad substrate (CCL)

A: Copper foil

  • According to the thickness of copper foil, it can be divided into 0.5OZ 1OZ 2OZ corresponding to 17.5um 35um 70um.


  • Divided by type-rolled copper and electrolytic copper
    • 1 rolled copper-usually expressed as RA (rolled annealed copper)

Features: It is made of thick copper foil repeatedly rolled. It has high ductility and bending resistance. It is generally used in bending-resistant FPC boards.

    • 2 Electrolytic copper-usually expressed by ED (electrolytically deposited copper)
    • Features: It is formed by electroplating, and its copper particles have a vertical crystal state, which is conducive to the production of fine circuits. It is often used on FPC boards with low bending requirements


Quality Professional Efficiency Honesty


“Business, is the quality of management,” Miracle technology believes in quality, professionalism, efficiency, integrity for the business objective. It helps in making all business operations to run smoothly by delivering optimum high quality flexible printed circuit boards.

Quality: Let the field personnel understand with the excellent quality concept, implement the QC system process and control plan. Achieve customer satisfaction.

Professional: With excellent SMT high-speed active and experienced engineers, according to the standard operating instructions of the manufacturing process to make a flawless product, so that products meet qualified standards and fulfill customer needs.

Efficiency: depending on the order volume, we release scheduled weekly production reports and production volume, in order to build customer trust on our productivity mechanism.

Integrity: Based on the principle of good faith, the delivery date set with the customer, when there are differences in materials and production changes, we hold an immediately communication by telephone or with E-mail to our customers.


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