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What Are the Advantages of MCPCB OEM

What is MCPCB?

Metal Core PCB, or more commonly known as MCPCB, are the specific PCBs where their bases or cores are made of metal and not the usual FR1-4 or CEM1-3, etc. The most common metals manufacturers use to build MCPCB currently are copper, aluminum, and steel alloy. Where aluminum comes at a relatively affordable price range with better heat dissipation and transferring ability, copper offers improved performance – but it’s costly compared to aluminum. Steel comes in two types, mainly – regular and stainless. It’s more robust than copper and aluminum but comes with inferior thermal performance. All three metals have their own pros and cons, and one should select the core material depending on the specific use cases and the applications they are intended to be used for.

From an overall point of view, aluminum is the best option in terms of cost, strength, and thermal conductivity. Hence, regular MCPCBs use aluminum as the core material in the majority of the cases. Unless it’s mentioned otherwise, typically, MCPCB comes with the aluminum base metal.

MCPCBs are used for several applications instead of conventional CEN3 or FR4 materials due to their better capability of heat dissipation from the PCB components. It has been possible by utilizing a dielectric layer which is thermally conductive

Types of MCPCBs

MCPCBs can be divided into five types, based on the trace layer and metal-core location

  • MCPCB with a single trace layer;
  • Chip-on- board (COB) of MCPCB;
  • Dual trace layers of MCPCB;
  • Dual trace layers on both sides of MCPCB;
  • Multi-layers (two plus trace layers) of MCPCB;


What are the advantages of using MCPCB?

1. Better heat dissipation

In some cases, LEDs dissipate heat around 2 to 5W, and there can be failures if that heat can be removed efficiently from a LED. If the heat can’t be dissipated and remains inside the package, that causes a reduction in light output and an overall degradation in LEDs. The primary purpose of the metal core PCBs is to remove the generated heat from not just LEDs, but all topical type ICs. The metal base material, mostly aluminum, and the dielectric layer act as a connection between the heat sink and ICs.

2.Improved thermal conductivity

Aluminum and copper have unique advantages over regular CEM-3 and FR4 materials with 0.8 to 3.0 W/c.K thermal conductivity.

3. Better dimensional stability when heated

MCPCBs are more robust when it comes to dimensional stability comparing other insulating materials. Aluminum MCPCB size can be changed from 2.5 to 3% when the heat increase from 30 degree to 140/150 degree celsius.

The advantages of getting MCPCB from OEMs

Getting OEM MCPCB means you are getting precisely the same component that came with your unit originally. Here are few advantages why you must buy MCPCBs from OEM manufacturers only.

  • Faster response time

Buying MCPCB from OEM ensures that the response time will be much faster once the order placed since they will require less time to identify the part and then produce in a large volume as they will have access to the original MCPCB drawing.

  • Better quality

When you need to replace an MCPCB from a unit, you must be confident over the replacement to be identical to the original that came with the unit initially. OEMs build MCPCBs according to the original manufacturer’s specifications, and they are tested to be the same high-quality. OEM-built MCPCBs are compatible with the device and will perform as per factory specs.

  • Knowledgeable support staff

Another crucial factor is the required support that only OEM engineers can offer. If there’s anything wrong with the MCPCB you obtained from the OEM, one can be reassured assuming that OEM engineers will have direct access to the manufacturer’s engineering team that designed and built the original unit, which gives them an edge over other third-party manufacturers. Buying MCPCB from the OEM ensures the customers to have access to a host of engineering and other technical support. OEMs boast highly skilled and experienced staff who will be able to address any issue you might have with the MCPCB purchased from them.


  • Increased value and lifespan

If you’re replacing the MCPCB in your equipment, you expect to get the performance of the original. Purchasing MCPCB OEM ensures that you’re getting the part with the same specification and quality that came with the unit from the manufacturer; hence, there will be no performance degradation. OEM MCPCBs will outlast the cheaper aftermarket alternatives by great margins, thanks to the premium quality materials OEMs use. They further carry out intensive testing to make sure you get a like for like replacement MCPCB, retaining the same value and lifespan the original manufacturer intended to. It’s mainly the lower price that attracts customers to aftermarket MCPCBs; however, a cheaper purchasing price doesn’t always equate to overall cost-effective ownership in terms of quality and longevity.

  • Assured warranty

ربما يكون أهم سبب لضرورة شراء MCPCB من مصدر OEM فقط هو الضمان الذي يمكن أن يقدمه OEM فقط. كل MCPCB تم تصميمه وبنائه بواسطة OEM يأتي مع ضمان قياسي ، مما يوفر لك راحة البال بمعرفة أنك اشتريت نفس جزء الجودة الأصلي. إذا كان هناك أي عيب أو عيب في التصنيع ، فسيتم تصحيح MCPCB أو استبداله بواسطة OEM دون إعطائك أي عطل.

  • المزيد من عوائد الاستثمار

مع MCPCB OEM ، نضمن لك الحصول على المزيد من العائدات مقابل استثمارك. توفر الشركات المصنعة للمعدات الأصلية MCPCBs المصممة لتكون متوافقة مع الوحدة الرئيسية ، ومن المتوقع أن تعمل وفقًا لمواصفات المصنع. ما يعنيه ذلك هو أن MCPCBs التي توفرها الشركة المصنعة للمعدات الأصلية تعيد عمر جهازك ، والذي بدوره يحافظ على نفس الأداء ، ويقلل من وقت التوقف عن العمل ، ويوفر بعض المال باستمرار.

قم بتغليفه:

When you go for MCPCB OEM, that ensures the part was designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous criteria and testing requirements set by the original manufacturer. Therefore, the MCPCB will fit the device accurately and offer you the same performance you used to get from the same.

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