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How to choose best Shenzhen PCBs? Pcb classification Guide 2020


Pcb classification step by step guide

Shenzhen PCBs company

What are some good factors of Shenzhen PCB?

Nowadays Shenzhen PCBs have become a major and significant support for PCB productions of China. As we know that Shenzhen has become very famous for its electronic industries. And it has also got fame as the title of “the world’s factory”.

Moreover, 90% of the electronics of the entire world come from Shenzhen.  And it includes everything from small electronic devices to large electronic appliances. Industries of PCBs in Shenzhen provides PCBs for the following,

  • television
  • mobile phones
  • air conditioning units
  • drones
  • simple to complicated toys, etc.

Furthermore, it is a fact that today electronic industry has become the backbone industry of China. Because PCB industry of Shenzhen is a necessary and very active part of electronic industry in China. Now service of new PCBs and high-density PCBs is getting great support from the policy of national industry of China. These policies will lead the industry of Shenzhen PCB to a healthy progress.

In addition, several products of PCBs in different electronic industries have become world famous. So, it offers a great growth and progress to PCB industry of Shenzhen. American and European PCB manufacturers have settled a huge number of PCB industries in Shenzhen China.

So, great range of orders from all over the world reach into china. Because china offers the following facilities to its investors, like:

  • rich resources
  • lower labor
  • good policies, etc.

Hence, china has transferred into a global center of PCB manufacturing. But in china the center of this industry is in Shenzhen. Furthermore, this industry of Shenzhen PCB performs a vital role in the world’ s PCB industry. As it works rapidly on raw materials to get targeted PCBs and responds rapidly to the needs of its users.

What is PCB which Shenzhen PCB make for electronic industries?

Moreover, the next thought that will emerge into your mind is that what actually the PCBs are.

So, here we are giving you a complete information about PCBs. PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. Basically, PCBs are thin boards and designers make them with the help of,

  • composite epoxy
  • fiberglass
  • and some other laminate materials.

Electronic designers etch the conductive pathways on the board that connects different chips on the PCB. And these different chips or components are:

  • integrated circuits
  • transistors
  • and resistors.

Additionally, electronic manufacturers use Shenzhen PCBs in several electronic and electrical parts. Like:

  1. radios
  2. beepers
  3. computer systems
  4. radars
  5. electronic gadgets
  6. aerospace, etc.

Moreover, there are several different kinds of PCBs that electronic designers use for different needs.

How many different kinds of PCBs are that Shenzhen PCB provide?

Basically, electronic manufacturers classify the PCBs on the foundation of,

  • frequency
  • substrate
  • number of layers.

Hence, the different kinds of PCBs are:

  • Single-sided PCBs
  • Double-sided PCBs
  • Multilayers PCBs
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • Aluminum backed PCBs
  • High-frequency PCBs.

What importance does Shenzhen PCB have in electronic industries? 

As we know that PCBs have great value and importance in all electronic devices or gadgets. Moreover, we use all these electronic devices or appliances whether for industrial use or domestic purposes.

So, Shenzhen PCB service is best and world famous for its high performance. These PCBs are best in quality and perfectly matches to all the needs of their consumers.

As designers from Shenzhen admits the reality that PCBs are catching up the high demands in several industrial sectors. And they also admit the importance of PCBs in electronic application. So, they are providing high quality in their PCBs. So that their PCBs can give perfect speed and best performances.


Since, designers from Shenzhen admits the reality that PCBs are catching up the high demands in several industrial sectors. They are providing high quality in their PCBs. So that Shenzhen PCB can give perfect speed and best performance. Furthermore, they are constantly serving their clients with ideal performances of PCBs.

In addition, designers also use PCBs in order to design the electrical circuits. Because they also have ability to give mechanical support to all electronic components.

Why Shenzhen PCBs are green?

in fact, most PCBs that designers use are green in color. The reason behind is its solder mask. Because the color of PCB depends on solder mask. Moreover, it protects copper circuits printed on the core of fiber glass in order to secure short circuits.

And it also protects it against soldering errors, etc. Hence, the color of solder mask decides the color of Shenzhen PCB. Solder mask’s color provides the appearance to the board. So, PCB’s color actually defines the color of solder mask or solder oil.

Why manufacturers of Shenzhen PCB use copper in PCBs?

Basically, copper is the first choice of electronic designers to create a PCB. Because it is extremely conductive. So, it has the ability to transmit all the signals with great ease. Moreover, it also helps to send signals without wasting the electricity all along the way.

But it does not mean that PCB designers have to use tons of copper. They can easily use it according to their needs or requirements. However, they need only a small amount of copper to perform the task. In fact, a single ounce of copper has capability to turn 35 micrometers around 1.4 thousandths of thickness of an inch.

Furthermore, it can easily cover all the square foot of the substrate of the Shenzhen PCB . Another good thing about copper is that it is low cost and can get very easily for any use.

What are top 10 common applications for Shenzhen PCB?

Nowadays PCBs have become a basic and essential need for all electronic industries. And there are several different kinds of sectors that use PCBs. Moreover, we can easily find them in everything and in almost every device. Because electronic manufacturers are using them in all small types of consumer appliances to great parts of machinery.

In addition, we are describing some most general uses of PCBs in all electronic industries.

Top 10 common applications of PCBs are:

  1. Consumer electronic devices
  2. أجهزة طبية
  3. Automotive parts or components
  4. Industrial equipment
  5. LEDs
  6. Security and safety equipment
  7. Maritime applications
  8. Defense and military applications
  9. Telecommunications equipment
  10. Industrial equipment.

Shenzhen PCBs are best for all above applications because they fulfil requirements of all these industries.

Shenzhen PCBs factory

Why you should choose Shenzhen PCB manufacturers?

PCBs of Shenzhen are best in all aspects of technology. Because the manufacturers of Shenzhen are producing professionally high-tech PCBs.

They have got a rich experience from past 20 years and obtained a great reputation from all over the world. They have now become leading PCB manufacturers with 20 years of experience. Shenzhen PCBs are especially best for their extreme productions in multilayer PCBs and high-density double-sided PCBs.

Their PCBs are best quality as their professionals are performing best to reach on top of the world’ s technology.

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