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خدمة PCB المخصصة - خدمات التصنيع لدينا من الدرجة الأولى


Here are the Top Customized PCB Service Offered by Us

Since PCBs have become the heart of modern electronics, therefore, industries around the globe are looking for reliable and highly Customized Pcb Service.

The interesting thing here is that the clients are now interested in more than the regular manufacturing services. They are reaching out to houses that would turn out to be their one-stop solution for all the PCB related problems.

Of course, we have MiraclepWB, fully understand this concept. Thus, we have diversified our services to incorporate all and everything related to Printed Circuit Boards. After all, it is our aim to develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients via our diverse, yet high-quality manufacturing services.

If you are interested in learning what all we have, simply read on.

Customized PCB Services: Board Manufacturing and Assembling

Before we get down to the services we provide, let us have a brief introduction to a Printed Circuit Board.

customized PCB service and suppliers in china

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

A PCB or formally known as the Printed Circuit Board is a board that electronics use to electrically connect and mechanically support the electronic components. They use signal traces, tracks, or pathways teched via copper sheets.

All this is placed onto a non-conductive substrate. Basically, a substrate that does act as a medium for the electricity to pass. The manufacturers would add electronic components onto the board.

In order for the current to flow between the components, the board is etched. The etching defines the way the current would flow through the board and the copper.

Initially, we have limited types of Printed Circuit Boards. However, with advancement and the need for more reliable and compact PCBs, we now have access to a wide range of Printed Circuit Boards.

Although, the most purpose of these boards is the same, however, each has its advantages over the others. For instance, flexible Printed Circuit Boards would work well with compact devices.

Something, the traditional Circuit Board would not be able to do so. Similarly, there are several other types of Printed Circuit Boards that you can gain access to at MicralepWB.

However, we are not here to discuss the different types of PCBs, on the contrary, our main aim to is let you know all the PCB services that we offer.

Customized PCB Service — Manufacturing and Assembling

When searching the web for Printed Circuit Board manufacturers, you might have come across manufacturing claiming to be outstanding PCB manufacturers.

Then, you might also have read about companies that offer high-quality PCB assembling services. For a beginner, both these concepts might look similar, but from a manufacturing part, they are not.

You need to understand the difference between a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and a Printed Circuit Board supplier. So, a vendor claims to be an assembler, it means that it only assembly the Printed Circuit Board by soldering the electronic components onto the circuit board. It means that he would already have the board ready as well as the components. He would also have the design ready on which he plans to work on.

On the contrary, manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board is a more extensive process. It means that the manufacturer would have to actually design the Printed Circuit Board.

After designing the PCB, the manufacturer would then be responsible for producing it as well.

Since our objective is to become your one-stop solution for all Printed Circuit Board problems, thus we offer both assembling as well as manufacturing services of the PCB.

We have highly skilled developers who would ensure that you have the high-quality, robust, effective, and efficient Printed Circuit Board to meet the requirements of your equipment.

Different types of Customized Pcb Service and Assembling Services

Below are the boards for which we offer both the manufacturing as well as the assembling services.

Professional Backplane PCB Manufacturer

We offer the best backplane PCB manufacturing services, starting right from PCB R & D designing, to mass production. Our products include multi-layer and double-sided boards. These PCB boards meet the highest industry standards, thus enhancing the performance and efficiency of your equipment.

Single-Sided Printed Circuit Board

We excel in designing and develop all types of single-layer Printed Circuit Boards. Some of the common examples include

  • Single Layer Aluminum PCB
  • Single-Layer High-Frequency PCB
  • Single Layer Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Single Layer Flexible PCB
  • Single-Layer Rigid PCB

All our single-layer Printed Circuit Boards are easy to design and install. The great thing is that they are extremely cost-effective, especially in the case of mass production.

Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards

For clients that are looking for something more than a single-PCB, but nothing overboard. We always recommend double-sided PCBs. They are slightly more complex in comparison to the single-layer Printed Circuit, but they do tend to be more promising.

They offer high-density wiring, have high heat dissipation mechanism, large current flow, and high reliability.

Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards

We fully understand that modern equipment requires more than single, or double-sided Printed Circuit Board. Therefore, we offer the manufacturing facility of multi-layer PCBs. Our extensive experience and skilled designers allow us to design and manufacturing top-notch quality multilayer PCBs.

This is something most of Printed Circuit Board manufacturers are trying to master.

HDI Printed Circuit Boards

The PCB industry is growing rapidly, so to stay in business, we need to upgrade ourselves with the changing technological trends. With this motto in mind, we are among the first ones to adopt the new technology.

Therefore, offer you the designing and developing of the HDI Printed Circuit Boards. These high-definition PCBs have become the need of modern electronics. We not only offer mass production, but also the top-notch quality of HDI PCBs.

النحاس الثقيل ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور

Extreme copper or heavy copper PCB are becoming the trend, due to their countless advantages. We have become the masters when it comes to producing heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards. Every copper board produced by our company ensures of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

لوحة دوائر مطبوعة مرنة

Due to our vast experience, we have excelled in designing and developing high-quality and reliable flexible printed circuit boards.  We fully understand that a printed circuit board that lacks the robustness or the efficiency would eventually become the downfall of your equipment. So, any and all Printed Circuit Board produced by our company would meet the highest industrial standards.

Aluminum Base Printed Circuit Boards

Despite the fact that Aluminum base Printed Circuit Boards are expensive, yet they are popular as they offer numerous advantages. For instance, they are highly effective when it comes to heat dissipation. They offer more reliability and efficiency.

These boards when designed and developed to perfection would add years to your equipment. We make sure that your machine stays healthy and functional for a long time by manufacturing high-quality aluminum Printed Circuit Board.

customized PCB service and suppliers

Oversize Printed Circuit Board

The need for a highly efficient and high-performance board has just become the new norm of the industry. We do understand how having high-performance boards have become a must in the challenging tech-world. Therefore, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers and designed dedicated to manufacturing the best-Printed Circuit Boards – Oversize PCB.

Take Away 

If you looking for Customized PCB services for either manufacturing or assembling, we suggest, you contact us today. We are sure to provide you with what you are looking for.

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