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الصفحة الرئيسية/ المشاريع/ طبقة واحدة ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور

طبقة واحدة ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور

We provide a one-stop Single Layer PCB  manufacturing service provider, providing customers with comprehensive, fast and high-quality electronic manufacturing services during the R & D and trial production stages
Focusing on PCB R & D and manufacturing for 10 years, providing customers with optimized design PCB solutions during the design stage
After careful optimization of Cam / MI’s pre-production engineering, the PCB welding yield of our manufacturing is leading in the industry, reaching 99.5%
100 professional and technical personnel with more than 10 years of PCB industry experience, have rich experience in various industry standards and process quality requirements

Leading process capabilities
Minimum mechanical hole / pad 0.15 / 0.40mm Minimum laser hole 0.1mm
Minimum line width / space 3 / 3mmil


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