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ارتفاع متعدد الطبقات ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور


One-Stop High Multilayer Pcb Manufacturing service

Miracle Technology provides one-stop service, focusing on the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) to meet the needs of small batches and even mass production. Compared to other companies, we have extensive experience and are a trusted manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

As a world-class printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, we provide High Multilayer Pcb Manufacturing service to satisfy our online customers. So you can calculate the printed circuit board (PCB) inquiry based on different layers and materials on our website. Just fill in some information and we will receive your inquiry and reply as soon as possible.


ارتفاع متعدد الطبقات ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور
عدد الطبقات 28
سمك اللوح النهائي (مم) 6.5mm
دقيقة. قطر الثقب النهائي (مم) 0.7mm
دقيقة. عرض الخط / التباعد (مم) 0.1/0.1mm
المعالجة السطحية يوافق على
الميزة الرئيسية Distance from Hole to line 0.18mm
تطبيق Base Station

Miracle Technology will manufacture higher quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) with lower cost and standard production methods, and provide flexible delivery times. 

If you are looking for qualified High Multilayer Pcb Manufacturing service, you can choose Miracle Technology without hesitation, because we can provide standard product lines to international customers. We will also provide you with the best service and save your investment costs.

 “Contact us today for more details and details” 

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to: Establish a good reputation in the same industry at home and abroad with the fastest speed, best quality and best price; and provide professional products and services for many excellent companies generating the highest profit.

Miracle Technology’s core engineers and CAM engineers have decades of professional PCB experience.

Convenient and Faster Solution for your Mainstream Business

We have a set of professional and rigorous ” High Multilayer Pcb Manufacturing Specifications”. Based on the information provided by customers, it can quickly and accurately manufacture the PCBs that customers need, and also help customers win more business opportunities. Miracle Technology has been cooperating with the best companies at home and abroad, providing 1-40 layer PCB prototype production. Bring more convenient and faster services to customers, thereby saving customers a lot of cost and time.

PCBs heavily influence by downstream businesses such as mobile devices, home appliances, automobiles, and aircraft. In recent years, high-level PCB technology is required due to the multi-layered and fusion / composite IT devices. 

Miracle Technology starts from a pragmatic market positioning, targeting customers with a small number of diverse needs, and provides comprehensive services to customers with our hardware and software equipment. Adhering to the spirit of industrial service, we believe that this is the way Miracle Technology has established its own value. our goal is to become the best trusted partner in the eyes of customers.

We believe in Distinction

The difference between the common f R-4 and the high Tg f R-4 is that the material is mechanically strong, dimensionally stable, adhesive, absorbing water, if heated, especially after being absorbed by moisture, especially in hot conditions. There are differences under various conditions such as thermal expansion, and high Tg products are much more than ordinary PCB substrate materials.

في تطور العلم والتكنولوجيا اليوم ، أصبح طلبنا على التكنولوجيا المتقدمة كبيرًا ، يمكنك أن ترى أن هذا التأثير يمكن أن يجلب المزيد من الأرباح في نفس الوقت لدفع الخير وتحسين الكفاءة.


لقد قمنا بالتحديث والتصنيع والتجميع لتقديم خدمات تصنيع متعددة الطبقات ومتعددة الطبقات متعددة الكلور ، والتي تشمل تقليل تكلفة الإنتاج مع تحسين الجودة وموثوقية المنتج.


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