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Wie machen wir PCB- und PCBA-Dienste?


PCB- und PCBA-Dienste

Leiterplattenherstellung and PCBA processing services
Fast PCB circuit board
Manufacturers of Miracle Technology PCB and PCBA, for the global PCB circuit board requirements customers provide inexpensive, high-quality fast PCB prototypes; according to your PCB cycle requirements, we can provide PCB proofing services within 24 hours (limited to double panel). You only need to provide us with the documents before 12 am, and you can get a quick quote for the day and Allegro production.

PCB and PCBA services

Miracle Technology wins customers with high quality, accurate delivery and fast speed. We always uphold the customer first! Quality first! Strive to provide customers with timely and accurate delivery. Compared to the regular delivery time, expediting the PCB board has doubled the production cycle of the product, which is of great significance for accelerating the development cycle.

Please send us the PCB files you need for production or you can call our sales staff at any time. Our sales staff will introduce you to a variety of production cycles. With our many years of PCB manufacturing experience, we are confident and better able to help you complete your project better. When you purchase PCB for Shenze multilayer circuits, we can ensure that your circuit board will be delivered on time with the highest quality. We are very grateful to your company for giving us this opportunity and hope to receive your inquiry and order as soon as possible.

Features of Fast PCB Production
1. Speed ​​up PCB production cycle;
2. The production week has been shortened from 3-7 days to 24 hours, 48 ​​hours and 72 hours;
3. Quickly seize the market;
4. The performance is completely consistent;
5. Quick and accurate manual review of quotes;
6. Regardless of the size of the order, we provide you with high-quality Leiterplattenherstellung with sufficient internal strength;
7. Many years of rapid PCB prototype manufacturing experience;
8. Advanced production equipment;
9. Workers review before each order production;
10. No minimum order limit.

Since the establishment of Miracle Technology multilayer circuits, we have been providing customers with rapid prototype, small and medium batch, and high volume PCB products. You can send us the PCB specifications you need, and we will provide you with an accurate quote as soon as possible after reviewing Gerber.

HDI (High Density Interconnect) circuit board

HDI is an abbreviation of High Density Interconnector. It is a (technology) for producing printed circuit boards, and a circuit board with a high density of line distribution using micro-blind buried via technology. HDI is a compact product designed for small capacity users. It adopts a modular and parallel design. One module has a capacity of 1000VA (1U in height) and is naturally cooled. It can be directly placed in a 19 ”rack. A maximum of 6 modules can be connected in parallel. This product uses full digital signal processing (DSP) technology and multiple Patented technology, with full range of adaptive load capacity and strong short-term overload capacity, without taking into account the load power factor and crest factor.

HDI board advantages:

1. Can reduce PCB cost: When the density of PCB increases by more than eight layers, it will be manufactured by HDI, and its cost will be lower than the traditional complicated lamination process;
2. Increase circuit density: interconnection between traditional circuit boards and parts;
3. Conducive to the use of advanced construction technology;
4. Have better electrical performance and signal accuracy;
5. Better reliability;
6. Can improve thermal properties;
7. Can improve radio frequency interference / electromagnetic wave interference / electrostatic discharge (RFI / EMI / ESD);
8. Increase design efficiency.

SMT processing

SMT production is not just as simple as the placement of PCBs and electronic components. It requires a deeper understanding of PCB manufacturing and final products. SMT placement is only one of the difficulties in the production process.

As a one-stop PCB and PCBA manufacturer, Shenze Multilayer Circuits provides products for global PCB and PCBA customers. We have complete production control from customer engineering Gerber files to SMT patches. Through our many years of PCB and PCBA production experience, we can provide customers with high-quality PCB and PCBA prototypes or high-volume products. For you to have unnecessary troubles in the procurement process and to deal with multiple component suppliers, our procurement engineers will find the best components for your products.

PCB samples & PCBA processing

As a one-stop PCB and PCBA manufacturing service provider, Shenze Multilayer Circuits can provide customers with the types of PCB circuit boards they need, whether they are double-sided PCBs, high-precision multilayer PCBs, HDI-Platine (High-Density Interconnect) PCBs. , Special material PCB, metal-based PCB, thick copper PCB can be solved in Shenze multilayer circuits.


PCB sample and PCBA sample processing time

We can provide complete PCB and PCBA products, high-precision multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, component procurement, SMT processing, PCBA semi-finished products. Our PCB and PCBA samples have fast delivery and high quality. With a full set of advanced PCB manufacturing and SMT placement equipment, according to customer needs, we can provide the fastest PCB manufacturing within 24-48 hours, and complete SMT placement processing within 24 hours.

PCB and PCBA services

The company has strong technical force and mature circuit board manufacturing technology. Through the introduction of advanced sets of advanced large-scale PCB manufacturing and SMT chip processing precision inspection equipment from the United States, Germany, and Japan, it has mastered the industry’s advanced product production technology and production process. Manufacturing technology, a group of experienced managers and technical staff, has a strong professional and technical product production technology development team. Can provide customers with any PCB circuit board services and technical support they need. If you have not cooperated with us, please contact Shenze Multilayer Circuits.

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