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Welcome To Miracle Technology

Miracle Technology is committed to being a leading one-stop solution service provider,including PCB services to worldwide customers with PCB Layout,Manufacturing, Component Sourcing and PCBA.

Miracle Technology team members have been roviding prompt satisfactory PCB service for more than 10 years-having good connection and strong support from partners; We do not own factories, but we "own" what is most important: the relationship between the customer and the factory.

Ongoing goal of Miracle Technology is to assist our customers to achieve the best possible time to market and competitive advantage by producing PCBs in a sustainable way at the lowest total cost through our reliable competence, delivery accuracy and product quality.

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Quality Priority

Quality is our life. Our approach includes long-term thinking and shows how cost, quality and environmental issues go hand in hand.

Strong Relationships Makes The Difference

We are convinced that a transparent and honest approach builds a strong relationship, which in turn builds honesty, loyalty and trust.

Full Responsibility

Taking full responsibility a responsible and sustainable approach in everything we do—socially,environmentally and ethically.



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DFM & kostengünstig

Service der Materialauswahl, DFM-Bewertung, Entwurfsrollen, wirtschaftliche Lösung usw.

Pünktliche Lieferung

Eine umfassende und perfekte Logistikunterstützung bietet einen maßgeschneiderten und professionellen Betrieb und bietet unseren Kunden flexible, effiziente und qualitativ hochwertige Lieferservices und -erfahrungen.

Quality Priority

Reliable quality management system to ensure the stability Of quality performance, including identification Of quality standards, Spot inspector (SI) 100% check before each shipment, tracking system, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), Corrective Action Report (CAR).


Timely information exchange, order rescheduling, flexible communications have been widely recognized by our customers.


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