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Ceramic PCB


Miracle Technology Offers Optimum Ceramic PCBS solutions

High quality PCBs are supplied by Miracle technology PCBs. Many today users find ceramic PCBs more advantageous and beneficial over traditional printed circuit boards. Their unique and excellent nature is provided by the low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. The simple and less complex structure and accelerated performance also make them versatile.

What is Ceramic PCB?

Ceramic PCBs provide best source of reacting point for printed circuits due to two reasons, high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). The ceramic PCB is highly unique and useful because it is a complete replacement of traditional printed circuit boards having simple structure and increased performance.

Ceramic PCB Board Categories

There are three categories of ceramic PCB boards.

  1. Thick Film Ceramic PCB

It is thicker than expulsion and spurting technology. Gold or silver is used as a conductor and is printed on the ceramic boards.

  1. Thin Film Ceramic PCB

This film fit on the ceramic substrate.

  1. Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) Ceramic PCB

In this technology, the special procedure bonds the copper foil and the core on one or both sides using appropriate temperature and  pressure.


Ceramic PCB
عدد الطبقات 2
سمك اللوح النهائي (مم) 0.5 مم
دقيقة. قطر الثقب النهائي (مم) 2.2mm
Copper Thickness 35 um
المعالجة السطحية يوافق على
الميزة الرئيسية DPC
تطبيق Oscillators

Benefits of Ceramic PCBs

Ceramic PCBs have a lot of beneficial uses. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Ceramic PCBs have excellent thermal conductivity when compared with the metal PCB boards. They are more tolerant to the heat than other traditional boards.

  1. High Frequency Performance

Ceramic PCBs have surpassed the other PCB boards in the respect of speed. It has high frequency speed which is necessary for the forth  industry user.

  1. Lower Expansion Coefficient

Ceramic PCBs have low coefficient of thermal expansion. They are more resistant to heat and expansion is negligible on the high temperature.

In addition to these benefits, they can efficiently work on high temperature and present a very small and concise package that is easily managed and handled. They can tolerate the temperature of 350 degree celcius and show the high frequency performance.

A reliable cost reduction option

Ceramic PCBs are also useful for the cost reduction. As they are of simple structure, they save us of the circuit boards with complex composition and high cost. The most alluring property of Ceramic PCB boards is high thermal conductivity. This property has attracted industry more towards Ceramic PCBs. The Only challenge is that the material that is used to make the Ceramic PCBs is costly and all users can not afford it.

But they provide the benefits as alluring that any other board cannot show in the industry. However, the values of thermal conductivity varies for the different Ceramic PCBs. Mostly, it is 150 W/mk to 180 W/mk. These values are 80 to 200 W/mk at room temperature while these drop from the above value at 100 degrees Celcius.

Properties of Ceramic PCBs

The substrates of the traditional PCBs are epoxy glass fibre, polyimide, polystyrene, and phenolic resins. Ceramic PCBs have following superior properties:

  • Compatible With CTE of components
  • Chemical Erosion Resistance
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity
  • Agreeable Mechanical Intensity

Why Purchase Your Ceramic PCB from Us?

We are passionate and eager to provide you with the best quality PCBs. We have 10 years’ experience in the electronic industry and we thoroughly know the needs and wants of the customers and we deliberately understand the specifics that ask by the customers. So, we promise to supply an efficient and sincere delivery of Ceramic PCBs that will meet your needs and wants.



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