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Electronic Circuit Board 94v0 Double Layer PCB Manufacturer

  • Layers: 1~12L
  • Base Material: FR-4
  • Board Thickness: 0.3~2.5mm
  • Copper Thickness: 1~3OZ
  • Min. Hole Size: 0.004"
  • Surface Finishing: HASL / Immersion Gold
  • Certificate: UL, ISO, ROHS
  • Package: Vacuum Package

Within 3~7 days.

94v0 Double Layer PCB (otherwise called Double-Sided Plated Thru or DSPT) circuits are the entryway to higher innovation applications. They take into account nearer (and maybe additionally) directing follows by substituting between the best and base layer utilizing vias. Today, double-sided printed circuit board innovation is maybe the most mainstream kind of PCB in the business.

Construction of 94v0 Double Layer PCB


Types of Double Layer PCB

Here are a few kinds of PCB accessible for the circuit. Out of these kinds of PCBs, we need to pick the proper sort of PCB as indicated by our application.

  • Single-layer PCB
  • Double-layer PCB
  • Multi-layer PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Aluminum backed PCB
  • Flex-rigid PCB

Electronic Circuit Board 94v0 Double Layer PCB Manufacturer-03

Applications of Double Sided PCBs

Despite the fact that PCBs are regularly connected with PCs.  But they can be found in numerous other electronic gadgets, for example, TVs, Radios, Digital cameras, and Cell telephones. Notwithstanding their utilization in buyer gadgets and PCs, diverse sorts of PCBs. For example:

  • Medical devices: Gadgets items are presently denser and devour less power than past ages, making it conceivable to test new and energizing restorative innovation. Most restorative gadgets use a high-thickness PCB that enables the smallest and densest plans possible. This lightens a portion of the one of a kind imperatives required with creating gadgets for the medicinal field because of the need for little size and lightweight. PCBs have discovered their way into everything from little gadgets, for example, pacemakers, to significantly bigger gadgets like X-beam hardware or CAT check machines.
  • Industrial machinery: Generally utilized as a part of a powerful mechanical apparatus. In places where current one-ounce copper PCBs don’t fit the necessities, thick copper PCBs can be used. Cases of circumstances where thicker copper PCBs would be advantageous incorporate engine controllers, high-current battery chargers and modern load analyzers.
  • Lighting: As LED-construct lighting arrangements get with respect to in prevalence due to their low power utilization and large amounts of productivity, so too do aluminum-supported PCBs which are utilized to make them. These PCBs fill in as warmth sinks and consider more elevated amounts of warmth exchange than a standard PCB. These same aluminum-upheld PCBs frame the reason for both high-lumen LED applications and fundamental lighting arrangements
  • Automotive and aerospace industries: Both automotive and aerospace companies use adaptable PCBs. They are mainly able to withstand the normal high vibration conditions in both areas. Contingent upon determinations and plan, they can likewise be extremely lightweight, which is a need when producing parts for transportation ventures.

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Advantages of Double Sided PCBs

Double-layer PCB sheets are a typical instrument in both generation and model circuits. They permit a higher thickness in segments and make the laying of tracks a simpler procedure. Same as a customary circuit board, Double-sided sheets are made with a substrate of nonconductive material, over which a layer of copper is set over it, and on account of twofold sided sheets, the copper is additionally layered on the base side of the substrate. Similarly, as with a circuit board, there are points of interest to the utilization of one sort over another. This is on account of you have an entire additional layer where you can add tracks to interface the segments, liberating space on the other to put the parts nearer together or include additional associations for IC with high stick checks.

Another favorable position of utilizing twofold sided loads up. It is the expanded warmth scattering that an additional layer of copper gives. This does it during the drawing process. It’s just expelling enough copper to make the tracks, leaving the additional copper as opposed to evacuating it totally. At the point when to Use Double-Sided Boards. The choice to utilize twofold sided sheets should be viewed as painstakingly, due to the additional multifaceted nature underway and treatment of the completed board. In addition, the costs related can make utilizing a twofold sided board a problematic decision to use in an electronic circuit venture. The greatest thought is fabricating costs, in light of the fact that most producers will charge additional setup expenses for preparing the additional side, on carving and solder mask, as well as on part designs included the silk screen procedure.

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Layers 1~12Layers
Base Material FR-4
Board Thickness 0.3~2.5mm
Copper Thickness 1~3OZ
Silkscreen Color White/ Black/ Yellow/ Red/ Blue
Min Hole Size 0.004″
Controlled Impedance Yes
Material Flame Resistance UL 94v0
Surface Finishing HASL/ Immersion Gold/ OSP
Testing Service E-test
Package Vacuum Package

1. Is it ok if I want some free samples?
Yes, we can supply you with free samples if you have mass production order.

2. What is the minimum order quantity if I want to order PCB?
We don’t have MOQ. We accept any quantity even one piece.

3. If I want to get a quotation from Aluminum PCB, Metal Core PCB, LED PCB, what should I do?
You can kindly send us the Gerber file, specifications of your requirement, we will quote immediately for you.

4. If I have special requirements for PCB material, how to deal with it?
We can make many kinds of special material PCB, for more details, please contact our sales.

5. Could you offer a custom layer stack up?
Yes, we do, in order to guarantee your PCB work well, we can offer it to you.

6. Do you supply a plastic case for our product?
We supply customized plastic or metal housing/enclosure for your PCBA products.

7. Could you do BGA assembly and X-RAY testing?
All of BGA pitch distance smaller than 0.4mm will have to go through X-RAY testing.

8. What files should I provide if order PCB or PCBA?
To make a PCB, please provide Gerber file, If you need PCBs to be assembled, you should also provide us a BOM list and Pick & place file.

9. How many days for making PCB? How long does it take for a PCBA order?
Usually 2-4 working days for PCB samples, 10-15 working days for bulk order. PCBA depends on the project, from PCB making to components purchasing till assembly work, it usually costs 2-4 weeks.

10. What payment terms are available? Can I pay via PayPal, T/T, Western Union?
We accept Paypal, T/T, Western Union. If you have any other questions about payment, please contact us to


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